Help your sales team focus on one thing only: more sales!

Empower your sales reps with efficiency — let LeadAngel automate your lead management. Don’t let manual tasks impact your revenue and profitability. 

LeadAngel steps in to ease the pain points, optimizing your sales process for success. Transform your operations and secure your competitive edge with automated lead management. 

Let’s elevate your sales game together – your success is our mission.

Why choose LeadAngel for Sales Operations?

Power-up your Sales Operations function easily with LeadAngel while giving your reps exactly what they need to succeed.

Your Sales team should be focused on one tasks – conversion of more leads. The reality we’re all aware of is that while we want more conversions, sales teams are often doing tasks which don’t benefit the organization from a revenue perspective. LeadAngel can help by:

  • Resolving duplication issues instantly with industry-leading data de-duping.
  • Automating the process completely from start to finish
  • Saving time spent on tasks that don’t contribute to the bottom line
  • Eradicating duplicate calls made to the same lead by different sales team members.
  • Lowering costs* in cases where you pay for multiple tools for CRM and Marketing Automation

78% of customers buy from the first responder. If your team is not first to reach out, others will. LeadAngel helps fix this by:

  • Fixing and automating your lead distribution process
  • Assigning leads to relevant sales people based on rules you set, for better potential outcomes (and less friction amongst your sales team)
  • Automating and speeding-up the entire pipeline, allowing sales teams to focus on selling
Many sales teams prefer a contact record. We understand this, and the need for quality leads coming through to your sales team. LeadAngel can be a gamechanger here by:
  • Merging leads and converting them to contacts
  • Automatically fixing duplicate data issues
  • Ensuring lead data is given to your sales rep in the form of a contact object
  • Providing a big-picture view to all stakeholders by automatically merging lead data with existing accounts. Enter each sales call prepared with the right data.
  • Setting up tasks and reminders that prevent leads from slipping through the cracks.
  • Reducing CRM-related tasks by merging leads with existing accounts where applicable.
Not knowing what to do with a lead at all points of time can make things difficult for those trying to close the deal. LeadAngel fixes this by:
  • Assigning leads to the right sales rep every single time.
  • Fixing the issue of “unread” leads and improving synergy between marketing and sales teams.
  • Prioritising leads and reducing response times. (A 5 minute delay can lead to a 70% chance of reduction in qualifying a lead.
  • Overcoming issues related to existing lead assignment rules. No more leads lost due to inefficient processes.
  • Providing error reports, allowing you to step in with all the visibility you need
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