With a 99.7% Lead to Account Matching accuracy, LeadAngel can route leads to the correct SDR or AE in real-time. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to efficiency with our swift and precise solution

About The Platform

Lead to Account Matching rules important to your business

Manually filtering leads and matching prospects or accounts is time-consuming and complicated. Try LeadAngel’s intuitive B2B lead matching solution.

LeadAngel matches leads based on territory, industry vertical, company name or domain, mergers and acquisitions, popular names, stock code etc.  Options available to implement tie-breakers, boosting rules or custom matching conditions.

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LeadAngel Lead to Account matching engine

  • Domain Based Matching
  • Name Based Matching
  • Geo Expansions (US = United States)
  • Mergers and Acquisition
  • Popular Names (Google = Alphabets)
  • Stock Code match
  • Custom Match Rules
  • Tie Breakers
  • Custom Boost rules 

Manual or Automatic Record Integration

Combine matching records manually or automatically, or add a new merged document or data to an existing catalog. Maintain total control over which attributes and connections to preserve in the integrated record.

Enhanced Data Accuracy

Our real-time lead matching software incorporates rapid data verification and enrichment tools, ensuring that lead information is accurate and up-to-date to improve targeted marketing and communication.


Valuable Time Saved

Integrate our real-time matching API into your website. Say goodbye to manual and time-consuming lead sorting processes and immediately flag duplicate records for removal, before they clog your database.

Get Reliable Result With A Trusted Lead Management System

Get Reliable Results With A Trusted Lead Management System

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