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Enhance your lead pipeline by at least 20%*

Nurturing leads with LeadAngel is easier; we have done all the heavy lifting for you.

Lead Matching

How many times has a sales team reached out to either the same lead, multiple stakeholders in the same company, or struggled due to typos, alternate names and subsidiaries? With LeadAngel’s proprietary, and state-of-the-art Lead to Account Matching, you can address a pain point instantly and find a more efficient way for sales to reach out to leads from these firms.

Lead Attendant

Real-time lead routing, native calendar integration, the conversion of a form submission into meetings and seamless integration into your CRM are just some of the reasons you need to consider exploring the Lead Attendant feature. With multiple ways to assign the leads to your sales team, real-time notifications sent to the Lead and the respective Sales team member, along with significant savings on online calendars, the Lead Attendant does a lot.


The right sales person can turn a lead into realized revenue for your business. Our Lead Routing feature allows you to route leads, contacts, objects etc. towards your sales team at the push of a button. This team will now have access to best-in-class segmentation, which allows them to make effective decisions rapidly. Automation at this level takes out the guesswork and helps you focus on one thing – conversion.

Data Cleanup

Focused sales teams have clean and relevant data to work with. Our Data Cleanup Feature automatically fixes duplication issues at the lead and account levels. Leads can then be auto converted, and connected to existing accounts automatically. New leads can be matched with data from existing accounts as well, giving your sales team the best chance at conversion.


Understand how new leads are shaping up against existing accounts, and qualify growth against growth of your own marketing database. Explore a wide range of reports designed to help you make business decisions on-the-go. What kind of reports do we generate?