We’ve all been there—a prospective customer is on the line. The sales rep has built a rapport. The lead is ready to talk to an account executive about your product. But when the time comes to execute that critical next step and close the deal, that hot lead suddenly goes ice cold—and with it, any chance at conversion.

Here at LeadAngel, we know that a good lead management process is the difference between closing more deals and wasting resources on common roadblocks, like dirty data and manually qualifying leads. We drilled down on the key minutes that a sales development rep (SDR) spends on the phone with a prospective lead to figure out what was going wrong—and built a new and exclusive functionality into the LeadAngel system to solve the problem.

What’s the problem?

About 70% of all leads go unattended, and it takes the average sales team roughly two weeks of follow-up to even get to a first call with a prospective customer. They’re already starting behind the eight ball, with diminished brand experience hurting their chances at making a sale. 

After that, the issue boils down to who and when. After warming up a prospective client, the last thing an SDR wants to do is fumble around looking for a free account executive (AE) to take over the lead and close the deal. 

Plus, beyond availability, that SDR has to factor in a number of other variables. For example, does the lead need to speak to someone in a specific territory or region? Should the AE specialize in a certain product? How does the manager want leads distributed?

And this all needs to happen fast, so the lead isn’t left hanging on the line endlessly while the SDR chases down the right AE.

So, what’s the solution?

Our new feature: “on-the-spot transfer”. With this LeadAngel exclusive feature, SDRs and AEs are primed to close more deals, thus increasing revenue. The future of prospecting is here.

How does it work?

We’ve built the routing process into our algorithm—all you have to do is choose the parameters that are most important to you. Here’s a short video on how on-the-spot transfer works:

Based on what’s important to your sales team, SDRs can route and re-route leads with the click of a button, so they’re offered instantly to the right AEs. We configure features, like how AEs are notified—for example, via Slack, email, or text—and maximum wait time for a lead at every stage of a call, then tailor our 150+ smart lead-to-account matching rules, and intuitive routing flow builder to do the rest. 

Our routing rules automatically assign leads to the correct AEs based on a combination of integrated CRM fields, including territory, company size, account ownership, and more, plus other parameters, such as availability and trusted distribution methods (e.g., round robin). Our 150+ matching rules deliver 99.7% match accuracy and are the secret to scaling efficiently.

And it all works in seconds—routing bottlenecks are a thing of the past.

Why do you need it?

Everyone benefits with on-the-spot transfer. 

The Need for Speed

Speed is key to sales; 78% of prospective clients buy from the company they hear from first (and more than 8 out of 10 customers expect to hear back after form fills within 10 minutes). Plus, quick action reduces the likelihood that the lead loses interest, hears from a speedy competitor first, or misses a call back or scheduling email.

A Proven Increase in Closed Deals

If the lead talks to an SDR within five minutes of a form fill, and then the right AE immediately after, the chances of closing the deal are significantly higher—21 times higher, in fact. We’ll take those odds over playing phone tag for two weeks until the lead’s interest fizzles out. 

Better Customer Experience

Prioritizing a short wait for the lead—and connecting them to the right members of your team—not only increases your chances of closing a lead, but also sets the tone for a better long-term relationship between your company and theirs. 

What if my prospect isn’t ready to talk then and there?

We’ve thought of that. Stay tuned for our next post.

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