In today’s modern digital-first era, it’s all about customization and personalization. Consumers want to feel connected to businesses and brands. They don’t want to feel that they are receiving impersonal mass emails from a list, or that customer sales representatives don’t understand who they are or what they want as consumers.

Consumers want to feel like brands understand them and messaging and interactions are personal. Account-based sales improve marketing communication to tailor messaging for specific accounts, rather than using the same strategy for every lead.

For example, if your organization is B2B, account-based sales can help target multiple decision- makers during outreach so that you can engage with different team members instead of just a single decision maker. It’s a highly personal approach to sales. Account-based sales also take a similar approach in B2C interactions by customizing a unique sales approach with a single person.

Account-based sales increase the effectiveness of your targeted engagement strategies. It helps your sales teams improve outreach and close sales, and your business will have a higher ROI on your sales campaigns.

Account-Based Sales Considerations

Personalization can create $1.7 trillion to $3 trillion in new value for organizations across industries. Personalization is key to creating tailored experiences, offers, and recommendations, and account-based sales help organizations focus on targeting the omnichannel customer journey.

Having the right data is vital to enhancing account-based sales strategies, and it’s also crucial to have the best lead management tools and capabilities available to your organization. That way you can improve your account-based sales strategies and execution and make a solid connection to your leads. Additionally, modern lead management tools give a complete view of accounts so that sales teams can run account-based marketing segmentation.

Account-based sales help to improve strategic planning across four key areas:

Cross-Selling and Upselling

Cross-selling and upselling campaigns challenge organizations. These campaigns can take a lot of time and resources to get right. Traditional lead management capabilities are limiting because leads don’t match entitlement and product ownership. For example, when your company is trying to check algorithms and details using Salesforce page campaigns, it takes a lot of manual effort and weeks to get it right.

Modernized automated lead management capabilities help expedite cross-selling and upselling campaigns, uniting customer data and making it very quick and easy to keep systems and teams up to date on the finer details of customer accounts. This helps to create a 360° view of customers so that companies can deliver the best services. However, when data is in disparate systems, data access can’t be democratized for teams to use. Automated lead management tools are also critical components of advanced analytics, such as predictive capabilities.

Sales Enablement

Sales teams need the resources to get the job done right and close those leads. This includes providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to best serve customers. Marketing teams often struggle to nurture sales leads from active pipelines, resulting in poor sales enablement. For example, when customers are on the verge of a sales conversation, marketing needs to implement retargeting campaigns effectively. But, commonly, sales leaders don’t know what sales stage cycle they are in, because data isn’t properly captured at each stage of the sales process. The sales pipeline needs transparency and data needs to be managed to improve forecasting or sales representatives and ability to sell.

Modern, automated lead management tools unite sales and marketing teams, giving them the best information at their fingertips to target customers during the sales cycle selectively. Organizations can define their customer profiles and create a framework for targeting the decision-makers they want to interact with that influence purchasing decisions. Having clear sales enablement tools helps to narrow in on the challenges that businesses are experiencing. Now you can target them with the best products, services, and solutions that your business has to help them overcome those challenges.

Channel and Partner Selling

Partner selling requires a specified touch and therefore requires a unique sales strategy. Traditional manual processes to partner selling take weeks to register leads. Partner accounts and leads need to be consistently identified, and matched quickly and accurately.

There shouldn’t be any sales lead account conflict in partner interactions. Delays can cost your business and partner organizations a lot of money. Data needs to be centralized and readily available so that your sales teams can actively engage with decision-makers across channels in real-time.

The data from customer data platforms and data management platforms shouldn’t be stuck in silos. Your marketing technology systems need to use this data to create consistent experiences. That’s why automated lead management software is necessary for modern marketing and partner selling because you can have decisioning tools that bring together disparate data sources and present partner information on an easy-to-use interface.

Driving Competition

You have to give your company the tools so that they can strike when the iron is hot. LeadAngel is the only tool on the market that can filter B2B customer databases and identify contacts based on account lists. All you have to do is upload a list of companies using competitive products and pull up a list of prospective leads. These campaigns typically take days to run. Now, companies can better position themselves against their competitors and define strategies that help them to proactively respond to shifting competitor markets.

Enhance Account-Based Sales with Digital Lead Management Solutions

Create marketing and sales strategies that target decision-makers with a personalized touch. Use modern lead management capabilities that support digital transformation initiatives, improve your organization’s ability to effectively utilize data, and ensure that your marketing and sales teams have the best tools and resources available so that they can enable account based sales and identify and convert the most prospective leads.

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