Growing businesses use lead routing software extensively – especially if they have several leads coming in from different sources.

When your company is in the expansion phase, you may find it difficult to keep up with all of your business leads. However, it’s crucial to identify, sort, distribute, and track all leads effectively to stay organized and profitable. 

You need reliable lead management software to ensure all sales-related things in your business are in control. A powerful lead routing system can empower your sales team to filter leads, nurture them, and gain value-rich business insights. 

Currently, many lead matching and routing systems are available in the market, making it quite hard to settle for the right one. The most common choices are LeanData, Chili Piper, and LeadAngel, but how do you know which lead routing tool will benefit your business? Well, read this post to make sure you make an informed and future-savvy decision. 

LeanData, Chili Piper, or LeadAngel – Know the Best Option to Go For!

As each software product listed above is unique, it can be challenging to narrow down your selection to the best. However, you can determine your ideal option based on what your company requires. 

Each lead routing software has a unique proposition that you may or may not find in another. Let’s look at what each provides!

Looking into : Leandata x Chilipiper x Leadangel

Feature Leandata Chili Piper Leadangel
Data Matching    
Inbound Lead Routing  
Account Based lead Routing
ABM Engagement    
Lead-to-Account Matching
Round Robin Lead Assignment
Customizable tiebreaks  
Advanced Lead Processing
Account Routing    
Email Reminders      
Salesforce integration      
Automation Scheduling      
Lead to contact conversion      
Route and Assign leads to the salesrep      
Route objects in Salesforce      
Fuzzy Matching Algorithm      
Task/Opportunity Creation      
Lead Segmentation      
Open API Integration      
Batch Router (Bulk Routing)      
Real Time Lead Router      
Lead Dedupe and Merge      
Account Dedupe      
Virtual Account (Non CRM)      
Lead Scoring      
Lead Escalation (Lead Reassigning)      
Sales Person Affinity (historical sales rep routing)      
Pricing User Based User Based + Platform Fee Flat Platform Fee 
Lead Matching      
Detailed Lead Routing Reporting      
Account and Opportunity Conversion      
LeanData – Leading Solutions Provider for Startups

LeanData is best at offering go-to-market solutions through the modern revenue engine. It puts together and automates B2B businesses’ processes, improving buyer experience and revenue generation speed.

LeanData Features
  • Tracking and lead scoring solutions

  • Breaking your lead collections into small lists depending on the function

  • Planning, executing, and analyzing the marketing dynamism of a certain product/service campaign

  • Building a lead generation dashboard to evaluate the value marketing campaigns bring.

  • Customizing lead fields to fit your business needs.

  • Managing campaigns

  • Lead scoring

Benefits of Using LeanData

  • It aligns the sales and marketing sector as a single thing, unlike before. LeanData ensures the configuration of data sets even when they do not interact. 

  • Identifies bottlenecks in campaigns and fixes them

  • LeanData helps in organizing revenue to generate better leads

  • LeanData’s interface is pretty easy to use

When to Use LeanData Software for Your Business

LeanData currently has features such as advanced triggers and dedupe merging, which are useful for any business. Also, if you understand LeanData’s Interface or have used it before, it’s a great choice.

Chili Piper – Lead Scheduling Software

Chili Piper is an advanced scheduling and routing software that streamlines the e-commerce revenues from the sales team. It qualifies and turns leads into meetings that later yield greater revenues.

Chili Piper Features

  • Inbound lead routing

  • Matches incoming lead to the existing ones

  • It has a lead-to-account matching feature to match leads to the right accounts.

  • Performs round robin lead routing, which helps delegate a new lead to a different user so that everyone gets the same amount. This is repeated until each person gets different leads.

  • Advanced lead processing

  • Email reminder system

  • Task creation

  • Salesforce integration and automation scheduling

Benefits of Using Chili Piper

  • You can automatically schedule appointments with prospects and turn the inbound leads into meetings.

  • It has a straightforward interface

  • Allows instant routing of leads based on the objects in Salesforce

  • Easily handles complex lead routing rules and round robin lead routing

When to Use Chili Piper for Your Business

This is a great selection if you are looking for more advanced scheduling and routing software. It is mainly useful where you constantly need to hold meetings with your prospects.

Chili Piper can be a good option for routing Salesforce data to the right rep. In addition, it’s not as complex to use and affordable.

LeadAngel – B2B Lead Management Software

LeadAngel is a lead routing and management software providing an easy way to deal with lead databases. Its main aim is to enable enterprises and organizations not to lose leads. In addition, it aims to increase businesses’ profitability by improving their marketing strategies.

LeadAngel Features 

  • Fuzzy matching

  • Lead scoring identifies potential customers and their worth to the business.

  • Inbound and account-based lead routing

  • Flexible and robust algorithms

  • Customizing tiebreaks

  • Advanced lead processing and lead routing rules

  • Account routing and automation scheduling

  • Assigning leads to sales representatives

  • Task creation

  • Open API integration

  • Batch Router and account dedupe

Benefits of Using LeadAngel

  • LeadAngel smart matches the order of the company names to filter leads and eliminates the dedupe leads through its advanced lead matching feature

  • It’s great for sending accurate leads to specific salespeople and can as well divide “equally” through round robin lead “routing algorithm”

  • You can be sure that the right information will reach the right person through the lead router salesforce – round robin algorithm 

  • It offers an open API integration

  • It comprehensively tracks a scenario to provide a detailed report

  • Offers user-based pricing for lead matching, detailed lead routing reporting, and account conversion

When to Use LeadAngel Software for Your Business

It is recommended to use LeadAngel if you want an end-to-end lead management system to automate lead delivery to Salesforce.

This robust software is an ideal tool for dealing with leads from different companies. It identifies and merges news from subsidiaries to parent companies, and empowers sales teams to work in close coordination. Further, its UI is pretty straightforward and easy to use. You can customize it as per your business needs and turbocharge your sales function. 

In addition, if you’re a beginner, LeadAngel is a wise choice, as you’ll have access to a friendly support team who can help you get started.

So, Which Lead Routing Software Should You Choose?

When deciding on the software to use, ensure that it boasts all the necessary features that will help your sales team stay proactive and productive. We suggest considering LeadAngel for efficient lead routing – it works with all CRMs, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, Oracle, and more! Contact LeadAngel to increase your close more leads.

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